Naturmystikk [NMK]

September 13, 2023 Off


By admin

Grift is the name of the Swedish artist and multi-instrumentalist Erik Gärdefors and is known for its seamless transitions between forest folk and nature ambient compositions. Grift has become a...

September 9, 2018 Off

Naturmystikk w/ NYTT LAND, ASHTAROTH

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Dark shamanic nordic folk band NYTT LAND (Russia) will play in Asgaard together with shamanistic drone/post metal project ASHTORETH! If you are into Wardruna, Heilung ... then this is your...

September 7, 2018 Off


By admin

SOUL GRIP will complete the line up with ULTHA and COLDBORN on 19th of October! Soul Grip is a post black metal band whose origins lie in the Belgian hardcore...

August 17, 2018 Off

Naturmystikk w/ ULTHA, COLDBORN, …

By admin

We are thrilled to announce ULTHA will open their Fall tour in Ghent. COLDBORN was added to the line-up. Hailing from Cologne, Germany, the five-piece black metal band has built...

September 5, 2017 Off

Naturmystikk w/ Botanist, Perennial Isolation, …

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Botanist, the world's first band to use amplified hammered dulcimers to play black metal music, will complete the line up of the show of Perennial Isolation in Gent. more info:

September 1, 2017 Off

Naturmystikk w/ Vulture Industries, Foscor

By admin

Do you remember that acclaimed energetic show of Vulture Industries back in 2012 in Decadance Ghent in support of the mighty Virus? Well this crazy Norse horde is back! Or...

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