NNC w/ DUNK! Aftermath: Appalaches – Endless Dive – Summit

NNC w/ DUNK! Aftermath: Appalaches – Endless Dive – Summit

April 16, 2018 Off By admin

Welcome to the officially approved DUNK!-afterparty!
DAMAGE: FREE! (all contributions and support welcome ;-))

One year No Name Collective, that requires a special celebration. And since nobody wants a great festival to end, we decided to make Dunk!festival2018 a four day experience. Wrap up your camping gear and get to Gent! Relax, have a drink and look back on the festival on our Dunk!-themed DJ-set AND liveshows!
(And no worries, you can all be tucked into bed in time :-))

Appalaches: having played at DUNK!festival, we reckon these kind Canoots don’t need an introduction. They play gentle post-rock but are no strangers to the occasional raw, passionate outburst of energy.



© Gaby Lecomte

Endless Dive: This revelation from Doornik has made the Drummer walls tremble before and made quite the impression. None other than Arctic Drones Magazine nominated them for “Best Post-Rock Release/Band 2016” and we very much agree, quelle intensité!


Summit: a promising young band from the area. They combine post-rock, post metal and wonderful gloomy visuals that will keep you awake at night…

Thanks for an amazing first year of good music and great people, this one is for you guys!