NNC w/ The Midnight Ghost Train, An Evening With Knives

NNC w/ The Midnight Ghost Train, An Evening With Knives

November 7, 2017 Off By admin

NNC proudly announces…. The Midnight Ghost Train!
European Cypress Ave Release Tour
Support: An Evening With Knives


THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN is a heavy blues / hard rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas. They have been most commonly described as hard rock, and related to bands like Kyuss, Black Sabbath, and Clutch. The band was originally formed by frontman Steve Moss in Buffalo, NY in 2008 – as a eulogy to his best friend John Goff, who had suddenly deceased a year earlier.
They are known for their consistent touring and highly intense, energetic, and loud live shows. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find TMGT giving anything less than their absolute best.





From the self-proclaimed city of rock Eindhoven (The Netherlands) comes a new sensation in heavy music. A three men strong band armed with all the weaponry rock has to offer. Members all come from different musical backgrounds adding to the arsenal. They bring to the stage a layered and energetic sound with unexpected turns. Where the wall of sound falls down into a sea of tranquility, they always keep it dark, heavy and captivating. For those people who want to categorize, think post-metal, post-rock and psychedelic stonerdoom.