NNC w/ Hegemone, Kuar Nhial, Mound

NNC w/ Hegemone, Kuar Nhial, Mound

August 31, 2019 Off By admin

No Name Collective and Consouling Sounds present:

 Cafe Charlatan]

HEGEMONE (PL, EXCLUSIVE BELGIAN PREMIERE): A crushing wave of sludge, doom, blackgaze and post-black metal from the cold woods of Poland. Their last album We Disappear scored high internationally, combining melancholic guitars, eerie keyboards and ritualistic instruments into one devastating trip of despair, chaos and loss. Annihilation at work, a soundtrack to a dying world.


Kuar Nhial (BE) is impossible to pigeonhole as a band:
They play doom, sludge, post metal, with hints of death and black metal. They translate this to a fierce and intense live setting and are not afraid to push forward their avant-garde mindset,
Making their shows a sinister and unpredictable feast, Kuar Nhial is a band you need to experience.


Mound (PL): heavy and somber doom, combining black metal, post metal and ritual sacrifice. Surely one of the most interesting young bands of Pomerania, whose trance-inducing concerts somehow make you fall into nothingness and refuse to let go…


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  • Venue: Cafe Charlatan

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