Naturmystikk Vol. IX | A Forest Of Stars + Harakiri For The Sky + support

Naturmystikk Vol. IX | A Forest Of Stars + Harakiri For The Sky + support

May 3, 2015 Off By admin

We proudly announce the the passage of A Forest Of Stars and Harakiri For The Sky in Ghent on 20th of October 2015. Ceremony at Decadance!


This collective finds its musical expression in hypnotic and ghostly Black Metal, expertly streaked with elements of Ambient and Psychedelic. With their 2008 debut “The Corpse Of Rebirth,” a concept album on the subject of creation, and their sophomore “Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring,” the band laid the foundations for a total work of art under the banner of the glorious Victorian age and the personal abysses gaping behind its facades. With “A Shadowplay for Yesterdays” and their brand new “Beware the Sword You Cannot See” they eloborated their romanticistic spleen by integrating the bleak harshness of black metal further with the melodic violins of Katheryne, Queen of the Ghosts (ex-My Dying Bride). Expect the unexpected of this collective of nice gentlemen!

HarakiriForTheSkyThe Austrian two piece Harakiri For The Sky will provide main support. This Australian two piece is comprised of songwriter and multi instrumentalist Matthias “Sollo” Sollak, and harsh vocalist V. Wahntraum (J.J.). Braiding together the most raw elements of depressive black metal with subtle touches of postrock parts they come to an fresh sounding blend. Think of Altar Of Plagues, Forgotten Tomb, Germ,…


More info to be announced soon!