NNC: Meander + WÜK (BE)

NNC: Meander + WÜK (BE)

August 31, 2019 Off By admin

Event Details

No Name Collective and De Kleine Kunst proudly present:

*** Meander: formed in 2017 when three guys from Brussels, Belgium got together to play loud and cathartic music. Throughout lengthy compositions wherein their voices intertwine, they create an incandescent magma of Post-Rock, Hardcore and Progressive Metal that is as intense and complex as it is melodic.

*** WÜK: a Ghent (Belgium) based experimental rock collective formed during 2017. They move freely through a musical landscape that ranges from unbound soundscapes to intimate stories, from polished songs to raw music featuring furious percussion and experimental guitars. Hard to pin down in a single genre, constructing their own musical universe.

Time schedule (susceptible to changes):
Doors: 18h
WÜK: 20.30h
Meander: 21.30h

Damage: your soul
Support your locals! Come enjoy the show, have some drinks and take a look at the merch stand 🙂