NNC Doom over Den Drummer: High Inquisitor Woe + Tuskar + Morag Tong (UK)

NNC Doom over Den Drummer: High Inquisitor Woe + Tuskar + Morag Tong (UK)

November 29, 2018 Off By admin

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  • Venue: Den Drummer
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After Jeugdhuis Asgaard last year, Doom is now crushing down on Den Drummer! Celebrate the impending death of Jesus with us in the doomfest of the year!

***High Inquisitor Woe (BE):
Epic Doom from Lommel. They blew us away at Muziekcentrum Kinky Starlast year, so we are very happy they want to join our line-up! For fans of Candlemass and Saint Vitus.

***Tuskar (UK):
A two piece doom/sludge outfit usually dwelling throughout the Surrey Hills, now comes haunting us in Ghent. Combining elements of Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Black Metal. For Fans of Bongripper, Conan and Sleep.

***Morag Tong (UK):
Slightly darker that Tuskar, the four horsemen of Doom from London are presenting us their strong debut album “The Last Knell Of Om”! If their music fits their artwork, this is gonna be epic! (spoiler alert: it does)

Doors: 19h
High Inquisitor Woe= 20.30h
Morag Tong: 21.15h
Tuskar: 22.00h

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